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Lost Mercedes key

What is your option when you've lost all your working keys to yourMercedes Vehicle?

there are a few options besides the dealer. Some will save you money or time, and time is money. 

Mercedes Key programming

So you lose your Mercedes car key and you call the dealer and they give you an unexpected high quote?

what did you expect it's a Mercedes Vehicle a high price tag just for the right parts. 

Well now we can help you either save money or time. Sometimes we are cheaper than the dealer and sometimes we are faster than the dealer but not cheaper. But time is money. A Mercedes can perharps overnight a key from their corporate facility in the USA or it might take a few days. Well we can do it on the spot and have it within the day if possible or within two hours. We say if because again this is a Mercedes, a complicated key system that is sometimes not easy and time consuming. I'm just being honest here but for the most part we will always let you know ahead of time. Give us a call we are also connected with other locksmiths who can help you with your Mercedes key problems throughout the USA